New Website, Store and Blog!


Hi everyone, I hope all is well and thanks for checking out my new website! There has been some changes but the largest is that my blog is now directly on my website and I will no longer be using my old blogger account. This will be great for keeping all news and updates easily found all at one place,

 Also new at my website is that I now have a store section for giclee prints of my artwork. You can scroll through the different paintings to see what I have available. All giclee prints are on canvas and stretched on 3/4" bars. I then hand sign all of them and ship them out to you!  Supplies are made to order so no worries about inventory but this does create a 3 week waiting period for shipments to arrive. 

Take some time to look around and become familiar with the site. For instance, you will see that I have artworks now arranged by series, years, and type of work, rather then having to sort through all of them piled together. I will be trying to post and update regularly here on out and you can stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter! My newsletter is sent out quarterly and covers all new works completed, available paintings, exhibition dates and some behind the scene snippets at the studio! 

In other news, I started instructing at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI where I earned my BFA. Currently I am an adjunct professor teaching Figure Drawing and then Anatomy next semester. The experience has been great and in regards to the students, I hope that they understand what I fail to mention, make me jealous of their work ethic and grow not only in their foundations but in mind as well. 

Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone is enjoying there fall!  To contact me click on the mail icon up at the banner and as always to follow my social network links click on the icons below at the footer!